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The Seattle Mariners, in the Rule 5 Draft, selected former Baseball Life Feature, David Rollins, on December 11, 2014. Having been drafted twice before by the Mariners, this 3rd time seems a charm, as Rollins will have his shot in the Bigs! Baseball Life 365 caught up with David for a little Q&A as he leaves for big league spring training camp in Arizona.

Baseball Life (BBL): When you got the call on December 11th about being selected in the Rule V Draft, what went though your mind? Did you have any idea this would happen?


David Rollins (DR): Well funny thing is I got a new number so not many people had it. I actually found out from Twitter and my roommate in Puerto Rico. Then later that day, I got a couple phone calls, and I was surprised that I got rule V but happy it happened. When it happened I was like this is unreal. Never in a million years would I have thought Seattle would have picked me for the 3rd time. 


BBL: What are your thoughts as you head out to Arizona for your first Big League Spring Training camp? How have you trained this off-season to prepare you for the opportunity ahead?


DR: Well let's see, it was an 18hr trip from east Texas to Arizona. I had a lot to think about haha. The closer I got, the more excited I became. Just thinking about being with the guys I always see on ESPN and stuff like that just made me even more anxious to get here and get it started. I did a lot of things different this year training wise. It was a little out of the norm especially being in Puerto Rico for 2 months. 


BBL: Are there any new weapons in your arsenal that you are bringing to big league camp?


DR: Well I have been working on location of the fastball like always and trying to perfect the off speed, especially my breaking ball. 


BBL: It has been reported that you would possibly be in the left-handed relief role for Seattle. How do you feel about going from a starter to a reliever?


DR: I don't mind it and I actually like it more. I went to the pen late in the season last year and loved it. When you get called to get up and start throwing it's just like the biggest rush. 


BBL: Finally, your career has grown phenomenally since Baseball Life first interviewed you in 2012. What do you most attribute your great success to?


DR: The man upstairs is whom I give my success to. Without Him nothing is possible. 


We want to thank David for taking his time out to do this Q&A with Baseball Life! We wish you the best of luck and see you in the show! (I predict a spot on Intentional Talk with David Rollins coming soon)

Courtesy photo: Amanda Pruett/Hooks)

Courtesy photo: Facebook - David Rollins

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